Nov 27, 2004
The Pictures

   Hello! Here are the photos that my mom captured while we were on the stage performing our "The Congo!" Here are 10 photos out of 27. (I have 27 photos all in all) for now, I only posted 10 of them because it is such a long run uploading these photos into my photo-webhosting account. Pero, ilalagay ko ang lahat unti-unti.
   To view the full size of the images, simply click the thumbnailed photos.

  - Preparation Part 1

 - Nanonood at yung iba yata ay kinakabahan

 - Edna, Lhenlhen, Ace and Pauline

 - Mark, Paula, Elaine (ako!!), and Flaura

 - First Position! Tingin sa Fluorescent

 - 1, 2, 3!

 - Pounded?

 - Beat an empty barrel with a.....

 - Boomlay..... Boom!

 - Boomlay........ (wave)

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Nov 23, 2004
The Congo

   First of all, gusto kong icongrats yung mga kasama ko sa speech choir.... lahat kayo at lahat tayo, we really did our best. Pero siyempre, without someone who really exerted the best effort just to teach us.... si jack at si ate -- yung nakauniform? hindi ko po kasi alam ang name... honestly....

   Anyways, I created this blog kasi dami kong photos eh sa camera ko, and so I want to share them to all! Eh kaso, hindi naman ako ganun ka, you know!? hindi ko naman kaya iupload lahat ng pics sa isang araw lang! in fairness ah? kakagaling ko lang school nung ginawa ko yang header image! Ganda bah????

   Pero I will post everything naman eh the pictures I mean. Yun lang poh !!!

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- edna

- aldrin

- harlene

- mark

- pauline

- kenneth

- glady

- mary grace

- paula

- percy

- flauradel

- reijie

- zharmee

- a.r

- louie anne

- gio

- fortich

- matthew

- eden

- mikail

- joan

- elaine

- chester

- ginley

- ace

- corisa

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